Keep your messages secure and temporary with this brilliant app

Privacy is more precious than ever. Our texts contain a wealth of sensitive information – from bank details to medical records to personal information. Standard messaging platforms lack adequate security controls. Your communications may be far more exposed than you expect. There is an easy yet powerful solution to keep your messages secure and temporary. Read on to learn how this brilliant app helps your texts vanish without a trace. Most messaging apps employ weak security measures making your texts and data vulnerable.

Carriers can monitor your conversations and location. Governments access your messages without your knowledge. And if your phone is hacked or stolen, your entire text history is exposed. Even deleting messages doesn’t guarantee privacy. A deleted text still be retrieved with forensic tools. Does this mean we should avoid texting altogether? Not at all – there is an intelligent app that allows you to exchange messages that disappear.

what is private message box? Introducing Privnote, the brilliant platform for sending self-destructing notes. Privnote is a web and mobile app that offers the convenience of texting with secure encryption and expiring messages. It’s ideal for sharing private information that you want strictly controlled. Here is how Privnote works – you draft a note and Privnote generates a unique, encrypted link to that note. Only someone with this link view your message. Once opened, the note disappears forever, so retrieval is impossible. Your recipient must click the link to read your secret message once before it disappears.

Unlike ephemeral apps like Snapchat, Privnote works for any text – no need to swap photos. And there’s zero storage – notes vanish after reading. You won’t find more secure, temporary messaging anywhere. You use Privnote from any device. Create encrypted notes from your smartphone and share the links through your favorite messaging apps. Or generate links from the Privnote website to send vanishing emails.

  • Save copies – Privnote lets you save copies of notes to view again later. It’s helpful while trying to refer back to information or reuse notes. Saved notes can also have self-destruct timers.
  • Note linking – String multiple Privnotes together by linking to other notes in your message. Create an unbreakable chain of encrypted, expiring notes.
  • Note templates – Craft reusable note templates with your logo, signature, or standard text that prefills new notes.
  • Web page archiving – Privnote archive web pages you want to share temporarily. The pages are saved and encrypted before being deleted.
  • File encryption – Securely share documents by encrypting them directly within Privnote notes. Shared files vanish along with your message.
  • Email notifications – Get alerts when your notes open and deleted so you know they’ve been read and destroyed.

Privacy is scarce in the digital world. We need better tools to secure our personal information. Privnote makes your messages impermanent – once read, they’re gone for good. If you seek an easy private messaging solution, Privnote is simply brilliant. Your texts will evaporate, keeping your secrets safe. Download Privnote today and message freely assured that your info stays confidential.