How this app makes messages self-destruct?

They are sensitive information through texts, emails, and messaging apps every day. But once that content is out there, it’s out of our control. Anyone who gains access to your devices could see private conversations and information meant just for the recipient.  That’s where self-destructing message apps like Privnote come in. Privnote is a web application that creates disposable text, images, GIFs, and files that vanish after they are read. It allows you to send private notes that don’t linger in someone’s inbox or app forever.

When you go to the Privnote website, you simply type or paste your message into the text box. You also upload images, audio clips, files, and more. Once you hit “Create Note”, Privnote generates a unique link to your private note.  You copy this link and send it through any platform – email, messaging app, social media, etc. When the recipient clicks the link, it opens the private note. They view or download the content once. After that, the note is permanently erased from Privnote’s encrypted servers.

Customize Your Private Notes

Privnote has several options to customize your burning notes and tailor their privacy:

  1. Password-protect notes – Add an extra layer of security by requiring a password to view your notes. Just make sure to provide the password to the recipient separately.
  2. Set expiration time – You have notes expire after the first view, or set a specific expiration like 24 hours or 7 days. It lets you control how long the information is accessible.
  3. Disable downloads – how does privnote work? Prevent recipients from downloading or copying the note content. They’ll only be able to view it once online.
  4. Add recall email – Provide your email to get a notification if your private note is opened. So you’ll know when the recipient has seen your message.

These options ensure your notes self-destruct exactly when and how you intend them to.

Use Privnote Safely

Privnote is a great solution for sending private, sensitive information that you don’t want permanently stored. However, there are a few precautions you should take when using any self-destructing message app:

  • Don’t include truly dangerous or illegal content – While the notes disappear on the app’s end, the recipient could always take screenshots or photos. So don’t send anything you wouldn’t want shared.
  • Be wary of links – Privnote allows you to include links, but be cautious of accidentally enabling tracking or data collection through linked sites.
  • Use complex passwords – If you add a password to notes, make sure it would be difficult for others to crack. Don’t use passwords that you use on other accounts.
  • Share notes individually – Only send to one person at a time. Group notes with multiple recipients could lead to leaks.

As long as you use Privnote responsibly, it provides an easy way to keep your messages private and temporary. The encrypted platform is more secure than plain texting or email.

Alternative self-destructing apps

If Privnote doesn’t meet your specific needs, there are alternatives out there:

  1. Confide – Encrypted messenger focused on privacy in professional settings. Notes self-destruct after being read.
  2. Signal – End-to-end encrypted messenger with disappearing messages and other privacy features.
  3. Telegram – Secure messenger with “self-destructing” Secret Chats that automatically delete messages.
  4. Wickr – Encrypted ephemeral messenger that allows you to set message expiration from 6 seconds to 6 days.
  5. Dust – Private messenger where you retract messages even after they’re read. Ideal for discreet communication.