8 Popular Content Marketing Trends in 2024

Various content marketing trends are gaining popularity with the potential to generate higher leads for marketers. Approximately 90% of businesses prioritise content in their online marketing strategies. Here are the popular trends where marketers allocate their budget to get organic traffic. 

Popular Content Marketing Trends 

Content is the key to engaging the target audience and enhancing brand awareness. Here are the various content marketing trends that businesses use to engage their target audiences in 2024. 

Focusing on Quality over Quantity

Businesses are focusing on creating high-quality content. You can enrich the quality of content by including relevant and accurate information that adds value to the target audience. Further high-quality content can help you build a trustworthy relationship with your target audiences thereby increasing your lead conversion rate. 

It will also help you gain a competitive edge in the market. Including unique and distinguishing information from the competitors can help curate high-quality content. 

Creating a Podcast

Podcasts have become prominent over the past few years as a content form. The number of audience for podcasts has further doubled over the years. Creating a podcast with high-quality content can help businesses reach out to their target audiences.

In addition, podcasts can help your business gain authority among the industry competitors. It is one of the forms of content that can be a credible source of information for your target audience. 

Crafting Video Content

Video content can effectively cater to the needs of the target audiences. Around 89% of the audiences prefer to watch video content over images. As a result, demand for videos as a content form is increasing rapidly.

Creating video content can help your business attract more audiences thereby reaching out to your target group. Video content can help you achieve your marketing goals if you are planning content marketing for a start-up or an established business. 

Curating Short-form Content

The attention span of the audience is gradually diminishing making it a challenge for businesses. However, your business can combat the challenge by creating short-form or micro content. These are usually visuals or short videos targeted at audiences on various social media platforms.

Curating micro content can help you convey your messages to the target audience within a short time span. Informative and relevant short-form content can be effective in engaging your target audiences. You can further include infographics in your micro content as an effective content marketing strategy. 

Paving Ways for User-generated Content

User-generated content includes the promotion of a brand and its products by its customers. A positive customer experience will likely increase the number of user-generated content shared on social media platforms. 

Audiences highly prefer this type of content as it includes reviews and experiences of customers. As a result, user-generated content can effectively help businesses increase their sales conversion rate.  

Using AI in Content Generation

The use of AI like Chat GPT in content generation is prevalent in 2024. Businesses are proactively using AI to generate content for marketing purposes. This leads to a debate about AI vs human writers

While AI can be cost-effective and less time-consuming in generating content, it lacks accuracy. Further, it is less effective in generating customised content that caters to the emotional needs of the target audiences.  

Leveraging Employees’ Personal Brand

Your employees often have multiple followers on their social media platforms. If an employee shares a business’s content on their social media profile, the business can get an opportunity to reach out to their target audiences. 

Further, based on the employee’s relationship with his or her followers, they can request for subscription to email newsletters, blogs and other forms of content. 

Boosting Omni-channel Presence

The presence of businesses on multiple channels or social media platforms has become a trend. It helps businesses share content on different platforms to reach out to a wider group of target audiences. 

Omni-channel presence further helps brands increase brand awareness with appropriate content to achieve content marketing goals. 

Key Takeaway

You can scale up your brand’s reach by adopting content marketing trends like footer content creation to attract organic users to your product and service pages. Further, user-generated content can be one of the trends that you can follow in 2024 to gain added leverage for your business.