Receipt Printing: Interesting Information About The Evidence Of Purchase

For every business having received purchases are very important. And even if it’s an E-Commerce business or store business receipt or something that can’t be avoided. So for that people should know about a few example for receipt print (ตัวอย่างใบเสร็จรับเงิน, which is the term in Thai).

What Is Receipt?

If you want to know what is receipt (ใบเสร็จ คือ, which is term in thai) then know that most of the stores small businesses and also even Big businesses the seller provides Recipt as a evidence of the purchase to the buyers. Receipts are smaller in size and simpler than the tex invoice. So offline businesses use recipt as a part of the business, and online businesses that are registered company they mainly deals with Recipt.

There are many types of receipt available that the seller can use based on the requirement in budget. Those are cash register receipt; packing slips handwritten receipt, Gross receipt etc.

Things That Is Required In Recipt

  • In a Recipt it’s very important that it has, the date of transfer, so that the seller and users can know for how many days product return is available.
  • Then escription of the product
  • Cost of the products
  • Used payment method whether it’s cash credit a debit card
  • And the added tax charges if the product has any.

Example Of Receipt Print

Well there is a lot of methods available for the people a specially the store owner or cashier to generate the receipt. Each company has their own method of generating the receipt and register the data simultaneously. There are many invoice websites or softwarer available that people can use without any hastel. And in that software there are mainly two types of printing: Tax invoice and recipet.

Tax Invoice

Text invoices are mainly generated for huge amount of bills but many companies use tax invoice for small orders as well. At Tax invoice the full billing is shown with or without Value Added Tax display. It shows all the required details of the purchase and can be used as a evidence of purchase. Also the seller paint tax invoices to submit it to the revenue department.

Then the tax invoice can be attached to the delivery package and within a few days it will reach its destination.


Receipt always plays a crucial role to make the evidence of purchese. It cal helps you to avoid any further in the future according the purchase. No matter what you purchase always rember to take a receipt and enjoy a hassle free shopping experience.